Rules of Wolverhampton South West Constituency Labour Party

The following document sets out for Wolverhampton South West Constituency Labour Party (a) its general rules and (b) the procedural rules under which the CLP conducts meetings. 

It has been brought together and agreed by the CLP Executive Committee (on 30th November 2016) to ensure that there is absolute clarity over the procedures under which the CLP conducts its meetings, putting into writing established procedures that had previously been followed. 

The West Midlands Regional Office of the Labour Party, acting under authority delegated by the National Executive Committee, has confirmed that it considers that the document sets out the established procedures under which the WSW CLP had been operating, that any variations and additions to those specifically provided for CLPs in the Party Rule Book 2016 are in order, and that this document does, therefore, represent the rules of WSW CLP and should be adopted.

The document is due to be put to the General (All Members) Meeting of Wolverhampton SW CLP on 12th January 2017 for formal adoption. Note that the document does not seek to change the established rules and procedures of the CLP, which should be done at an Annual General Meeting.

Phil Walker,

Secretary, Wolverhampton SW CLP,

January 2017


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