Penn Branch


Penn Branch meets most months apart from April if there is an election, August for summer holidays and December due to the Christmas Citywide social. 

Meetings are held:

  • Date: 1st Wednesday of the month (you will receive a calling notice via email)
  • Time:  19.00
  • Location: Civic Centre

All members who live in the Penn area are welcome to attend. It is an opportunity to meet fellow members, councillors and supporters to discuss important topics and discuss future campaigning.

Grassroots campaigning is how we win in Wolverhampton, Labour embeds itself into the heart of communities and it is this continuity that wins trust. Your branch will campaign all year fighting on local and national issues and supporting your elected ward Councillors and candidates.

As a member of the Penn Branch you are also entitled to attend the Wolverhampton South West constituency meetings which are held on the second Thursday of the month Click here to see when the next constituency meeting is planned.



Your local Councillor and candidates campaign regularly on key issues in the ward. You can support them with leafleting, door knocking and raising important issues that they should target. 

Quarterly the Citywide Labour Party delivers to residents the citywide leaflet, this includes what your local Labour council are doing in Wolverhampton and a report from your MP.

If you would like to get involved in any activities make sure you sign up here or contact your councillor directly below.



Your Branch Secretary is Anne Mills if you have any questions or would like to get more involved, please email your secretary




Penn Branch has one elected councillor. Traditionally a marginal ward, Martin has worked extremely hard to be elected first in 2012 and again in 2016 as the first Labour councillor. Subsequent elections are increased majorities proving proving that Labour is electable in marginal areas with intelligent campaigning and hardworking councillors.

This is a ward where Labour is looking for a great local activist to stand as candidates in the coming years.


MW-HS_PENN-200x300.png Cllr. Martin Waite


    Telephone: 07881 358604