Questions members ask

The Labour Party as a new or existing member can be difficult to navigate and understand. Jargon that may seem ordinary to seasoned members can be intimidating, this page, therefore, aims to answer/explain some of most frequently asked questions.

The purpose of Annual Conference

The ultimate authority in the party, Conference decides the policy framework from which the next manifesto will be drawn and sets party rules. Conference considers the policy papers prepared by the policy commissions after consulting local parties. Members choose delegates to represent them at conference.

What is BAME Labour?

Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, the acronym for Labour members who self-define as one of the above. Click here to find out more about the group within the Labour movement.

What is the Branch? (BLP)

A branch is a sub-grouping of the constituency Labour Party, usually made up of membership from two or three ward areas. This grouping deals with party administration on a local level.

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Constituency Labour Party (CLP)

These are the units of organisation that cover all members within parliamentary constituencies. The branch and the ward are subsections of this unit.

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Why Door Knocking? (VID)

Often called voter-id work, this is the backbone to winning elections. Members in small teams speak with voters in their area. Having meaningful conversations and identifying who they will be voting for is key to getting out the vote on polling day.

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Get out the vote (GOTV)

This is culmination of months of hard work, volunteers have been collected voting intentions in their community, using this data on polling day volunteers can target Labour voters to make sure they vote in elections. In a marginal seat this makes the difference.

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What is the Labour Group?

The Labour Group is a collection of all Labour councillors in the local authority. 

Find out more about Wolverhampton's Labour councillors here

What is LGBT Labour?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans, the acronym for Labour members who self-define as one of the above. Click here for more information on LGBT Labour.

Local Campaign Forum (LCF)

The Local Campaign Forum is formed of the elected executive officers of the three Wolverhampton CLP's including a Citywide, youth officer, TULO Officer & Women's Officer, tasked with coordinating the selection process for council candidates, as well as campaign work across the local authority.

Who can be a member of Labour Students?

If you are a University of College student then you are automatically a part of Labour Students. Labour Students exists to take the Labour message to students and to stand up for people at college and university within the Labour Party's structures.

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Who can be a member of Young Labour?

Young Labour is the youth wing of the Labour Party and home for progressive young people. All members of the Labour Party between 14-26 are members of Young Labour. Being part of Young Labour is a great way to get involved in politics and meet like-minded people who share your values.

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What is the NPF?

The NPF meets several times a year to make sure that the direction of our policy reflects the broad consensus in the party. Between meetings, the representatives that make up the body liaise with the members, supporters and public who submit to Your Britain.

What is the NEC?

National Executive Committee, this is the body that is in charge of the Labour Party’s rules and is the Party’s senior governing body. Click here to find out who is elected on the NEC

What is the PLP?

The Parliamentary Labour Party is the collective body of elected Members of Parliament who represent Labour in Westminster. 

Standing Orders

Labour Party rules for local parties are agreed based upon the nuances of the area and needs of members, agreed by representatives of the NEC.

What is a Telephone Bank?

Another method of contacting voters, telephone banks bring together members, many who find it difficult to participate in door knocking. Home telephoning is also available for members who are immobile or would like to work around their busy day.

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Panel of candidates

If you are deemed to be a good potential candidate by the assessment centre, you will be placed on the panel. The panel is a list of all members who have been approved by the LCF following the assessment centre.

What is TULO?

The Trade Union & Labour Party Liaison Organisation is the umbrella organisation that coordinates the activities of the 14 trade unions who affiliate to the Labour party. Click here for more information about the Trade Union movement.

What is a Ward?

A ward is a local authority area represented by councillors. A number of wards make up a constituency and Local Authority. The members of the ward will have the final say on who will be selected as their council candidate.