Constituency History

The electoral constituency of Wolverhampton South West has taken many forms since the 1950s and is one of three Wolverhampton constituencies. A marginal seat since the 1997 election, contested primarily between Labour and Conservative candidates, it is most certainly a bellwether constituency. Jenny Jones, Rob Marris and currently Eleanor Smith have represented the constituency as Labour Members of Parliament.

What to expect as a member

As a member, you’ll be a key part of the team. You can help shape party policy, you can attend local meetings and you can even stand as a candidate.

So whether you want to chip in to help us reach our goals because you share our values, or because you have ambitions to change your community and country, the only place to start is to join local meetings, campaigning and meet fellow members.

How the local Labour Party is organised in Wolverhampton

Branch (BLP)

Your local party, based on the ward boundaries for the election of councillors. A lot of Labour Party activity takes place at branch level. Labour members can take part in choosing local council candidates and organise local campaigning. Some are grouped together to ensure that meetings are well attended and local groups can campaign together.*

You will be a member of both the branch and the constituency in which you live and entitled to attend branch meetings:


Constituency (CLP)

Made up of several branches and based on the electoral area for the election of MPs. Via your CLP, you can choose the members from your area to represent you at the annual conference and you can help select your parliamentary candidate. All members are invited to meetings, and can vote in business. 

  1. There is an annual Citywide Labour Party; Christmas Dinner, Summer Social, Bob Jones Cup Pub Quiz and many social and fundraising events.
  2. There are ad-hoc debates on important issues, we welcome members suggesting topics. We have speakers for and against.
  3. Meetings are held monthly (excluding, April if election, August & December) on the second Thursday of the month at the Civic Centre.
  4. There is regular campaigning to support, councillors, our MP and regional representatives.

In Wolverhampton South West meetings are typically split into two parts. Part One would be a prominent local or national speaker discussing an important topic with members. Part Two consists of local party business, i.e. Campaigning, events and engaging members.

There are elected volunteers made up of local members who facilitate the running of the local party (2016 Election):

Position Candidate
CLP Executive
Chair Vera Kelsey


Vice Chair

Mohammed Naseem
Graham Dodd

Vice Chair Membership 


Margaret Holt
Susan Martin


Philip Walker
Treasurer Richard Scroop
Women’s Officer Julie Hodgkiss
Shabina Raja
Campaign Co-ordinator Martin Waite
CLP Officers
Youth Officer Grace Hodgkiss
BAME Officer Shabina Raja
Warinder Juss
Trade Union Liaison Officer Warinder Juss
Contact Creator Martin Waite
Fundraising Officer Julie Hodgkiss
Disabilities Officer Paul Darke
Labour Group Observers Chester Morrison
Shabina Raja

























Wolverhampton's Local Campaign Forum (LCF)

Local Campaign Forums are based on council boundaries, allowing all Wolverhampton CLPs that are part of the same local authority area to meet together.

Membership comprises the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Group of Councillors, representatives from CLPs and trade unions. Formerly known as Local Government Committees, LCFs recruit and shortlist potential candidates for council elections. They coordinate campaign activities and develop the election strategy locally. They also liaise with the Labour Group about local government issues and input into the manifesto for local elections.

LCFs recruit and shortlist potential candidates for council elections. They coordinate campaign activities and develop the election strategy locally. They also liaise with the Labour Group about local government issues and input into the manifesto for local elections.

Labour Member of Parliament (MP)

The office of Rob Marris operates in separation to the local Labour Party. Parliamentary candidates are selected by the Labour members in the constituency. Once elected his official office is used to serve the community exclusively. Your MP provides verbal and written reports to monthly meetings and campaigns in his spare time alongside councillors and members in Wolverhampton.

Rob Marris was elected as Labour’s Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West in the 2015 General Election and was previously MP from 2001 - 2010. He is a well-known local figure, who has lived in Penn Fields for the last 30 years. Born and raised and educated in Wolverhampton South West.

Labour Councillors (Cllr.)

All councillors represent Council Wards these are the boundaries used to form Labour Branches. Each Ward has the potential for three Labour councillors.

If members wish to stand in local elections they first apply to go onto the panel list. This is an interview and accreditation process undertaken by other councillors outside of Wolverhampton. Once on the panel list you can apply for vacancies in wards or challenge an existing councillor. Then members of the Branch are asked to select their preferred candidate, ready for campaigning. This process usually takes place the year before elections.

Trade Union Support

It is vital that we maintain and grow our links with Trade Unions across Wolverhampton & the West Midlands. This is our link to thousands of working people. Trade Unionism and workers rights are the historic legacy of our values in action.

Wolverhampton South West is supported financially and through campaigning via the following Trade Unions and their respective members. Many of whom come out regularly to support Rob Marris and our councillors:

Unite the Union





Wolverhampton South West Labour Party aims to instil the values of the party through the means of local activism, empowering members, winning elections and ultimately changing our community for the better.